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Item # 33:
Henry's Special
Price: $10.25
Date completed:  Monday December 9th, 2002
This one is very special because it has scallops, chicken, and shrimp in it. Now, it's not so original - the sauce actually kind of reminds me of the Hunan Scallop I just had. But there are those wood ear things, which add some very interesting texture, and bell peppers for solidity (and of course carrots and bamboo shoots). I couldn't give it a ten because I asked for it extra spicy and it just wasn't. I think Fulbert was mad at us today for some reason, though.
Rating: 9
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You know, you may say I am quibbling, but this is definitely a 10. The inventive combination of 3 ingredients that do not normally hang out together, plus the tasty sauce and spiciness definitely merit the highest rating possible. I have never felt more strongly about anything. Ever.
posted on Tuesday May 27th, 2003 at 10:59:50 AM by Matthew Owen O'Connell
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