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Item # 49:
Hot and Sour Vegetables
Price: $7.00
Date completed:  Thursday February 27th, 2003
I'd like to take this opportunity to address some of the criticism this site has been receiving regarding the ratings I've been giving. Some people seem to think that I'm being too nice for some reason; like I'm trying to impress someone. Or that they "can't possibly be this good." Well, guess what, most dishes really are that good. I don't lie about that. If the rest of the items on this menu sucked, I wouldn't hesitate to give them all zeroes. I am completely objective according to my own personal idea of objectivity. Now, I'm more than happy to take criticism about the design of this site, new features, and so forth. But these opinions are mine, because it's my site. If you don't like them, I encourage you to make your own version of the site. Here's the source code. Knock yourself out. Oh, on to this dish. Too many bamboo shoots, not enough pork. In fact, there wasn't a single piece of pork in here. Oh well. Anywho, it's good enought to eat twice in one day. I'd get it again, I'd just ask for extra pork.
Rating: 7
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