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Item # 56:
Five Spiced Bean Curd
Price: $7.75
Date completed:  Friday March 28th, 2003
This was a very busy meal. I had flashbulbs going off in my face every ten seconds and I was being interviewed by the Chinese menu woman. Then there was all this pressure because I know this is someone's favorite dish. I won't name who it is except that I'll give you his name- John. So I did have very high hopes for this one. This dish has a lot of things going for it: a very intelligent sauce that doesn't overpower the other ingredients and yet does still fulfill its role. Visually, it's just gorgeous. It does have a couple of things against it: One: it's just not spicy enough. Especially compared to the last one, Eight Delight Vegetables. That sucker rocked! Oh sorry, back to this one. B) The bean curd was just too firm. Certainly the only item on the menu with such hard bean curd. I can see how some people will shower this one with praise, but I can't honestly give it more than a seven. OK, finally, I'm going to address the issue of the fact that people may start seeing this. I realize that I'll have my fifteen minutes of fame this Wednesday when the Chronicle article is published. Assuming the server can take all these hits and people are actually seeing this, it's my one chance to promulgate anything I want to a large number of people. So here they are: 1) The war is illegal and immoral and should be stopped immediately. 2) If there are any single women out there who like motorcycles or even just an interesting lunch companion, shoot me a bingo, and let's get in touch.
Rating: 7
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Sorry John. I know you were expecting a higher rating. But I have to be true to my own tastes.
posted on Sunday March 30th, 2003 at 09:51:39 PM by Moss Gross

That is okay, Moss. I admit I am a little dissapointed but hey, this is, after all, your website. I would just say that I really like firm tofu and yet I understand if it is not to your taste. I, myself, do not like meat. However, I cannot accept that it is not spicy enough. If you want a lot of spice in your tofu (or your life) you must seek it. In this case you have to ask the approachable waitstaff when ordering - David always does. For the loyal readers of this site, I offer a second opinion. As this is my favorite dish, I feel it is within acceptable boundaries to say a few words here. I give this one a '10' with three Godzilla's. Everything else on the menu is a '7' (except for Kung Pao Tofu which is not on the menu, that is a '10' also). I'd also like to suggest that the restaurant provides powerful after-meal mints. Moreover, I agree that this war non-virtuous and should be stopped. There was a great perspective given in a speech by Norman Mailer. You can find it here: Finally, to the single women out there, I'd like to recommend Moss as a potential partner. I have never been on a 'date' with him, but I have had beers, lunch and motorcycle rides with him and it is always lots of fun.
posted on Monday March 31st, 2003 at 03:40:42 PM by John
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