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Item # 60:
Noodles with Pork Meat Sauce and Vegetables
Price: $5.45
Date completed:  Thursday April 17th, 2003
Here we come with the first of the "lunch plates". These dishes were scientifically designed to be your lunch, you see. The rest of the dishes on the menu, you can eat during lunch, but there will be something that's just not quite right. Yeah, whatever.

Anyway, I actually had pretty high expectations for this sucker. Mostly because I thought it was Jer's favorite dish. Turns out it's the next one. This is really just spaghetti and meat sauce, with cabbage. Another case where the context really affects the rating. First of all, it took forever, and second, they actually forgot about my dish. And when I did get it, the cabbage was kind of overcooked as were the noodles. Even the soy sauce didn't help. It filled my stomach that was about it. Very disappointed.
Rating: 5
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Here's the guest review for this dish:
Noodles with Pork Meat Sauce and Vegetables. Date completed: Friday, April 11, 2003. This dish is served on a bed of cabbage, which adds a bit of crunchiness. Are you bored already? So was I. This is disappointing-kind of like Hamburger Helper meets Chung King. Overall, it just feels starchy and tasteless to us, although the sprouts add a little bit of crunch. Clearly, it's not one of his winners. It's a little more greasy than I'd like, too. There's just no point to this dish; it's just food to eat. Clearly not a memorable item that we won't be repeating. If you're hungry, it'll do. Overall, we'd give this one a 5.
posted on Tuesday April 22nd, 2003 at 07:58:14 PM by Moss Gross

The other one is much better.
posted on Wednesday April 23rd, 2003 at 02:27:31 PM by jonathan bell
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