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Item # 61:
Noodles with Pork Meat Sauce and Hunan Special Sauce
Price: $5.45
Date completed:  Tuesday April 22nd, 2003
Now this doesn't make any sense at all. This is exactly the same as the previous one except that there's "Hunan Special Sauce", just a simple peanut sauce, on it. But I tell you what, this dish fucking rocks! I think they accidentally stuck a couple of bean sprouts in it from Jer's special order, which was a nice touch. The cabbage was just right and in just the right proportions. It seemed like there was a lot more meat sauce, and when you mix it all together it turns into this fantastic succulent playground of fun flavors. The thing is, it costs exactly the same as the one above it. It just doesn't make sense. I will eat it again and again.

And I swear the fact that they've started giving me all kinds of free lunches has nothing to do with this rating!
Rating: 8
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