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Item # 63:
Stewed Beef with Dumpling w/out noodle
Price: $6.90
Date completed:  Tuesday April 29th, 2003
Food is a funny thing. That's funny "ha ha", and not funny like "Why does this freak come in here almost every day and take pictures of his food?". See, here's the same ingredients as Stewed Beef Chunks, definitely not one of my favorites, plus a lot of broth, and many dumplings. I wasn't really hungry, the food was kind of late again - most people at the table got to eat all this good stuff like Harvest Pork and Smoked Ham, so there's just no way this could be good, right? Well, this beef was stewed just right, and the broth just tasted marvelous. I could eat a whole lunch of just this broth. (I wouldn't though because that would be insane). And oh yeah, the dumplings. They are a separate item on the menu, and I don't talk about them much, but these potstickers are most at home being chewed between teeth 2-5, 12-15, 18-21, and 28-31 (my wisdom teeth haven't grown in yet). And when you finish the dumplings and beef, you've still got this beefy cabbage soup to finish your day. I am so full now!

One more thing: what the heck is this doing in the noodle section? Hello!!!!!
Rating: 8
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It doesn't look too appetizing to me!
posted on Tuesday April 29th, 2003 at 11:09:58 PM by John
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