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Item # 67:
Shrimp Chow Mein
Price: $8.50
Date completed:  Friday May 23rd, 2003
People are giving me crap because I haven't been updating this site in a timely manner. Well, that criticism is well deserved. You, my millions of devoted fans, deserve better than this. I will deliver. Oh yeah, so the review: I don't understand how they can change just one ingredient and lose two ratings points like this? I mean, it's the same noodles and veggies as before, but they got the shrimp in there this time. What's the deal with all the shrimp here anyway? They all look like chunks of DNA, all double-spiraled and shit. I mean they taste ok, they just look weird. And not just this dish, but all shrimp dishes. I almost ate the whole thing, it was so good, but you know, just something about the way the shrimp looked.
Rating: 8
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