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Item # 70:
Rice with Sliced Beef and Vegetables
Price: $5.45
Date completed:  Friday June 6th, 2003
So today was what we call in the Henry's Hunan circles a "fan lunch". Now that I'm famous and all, every once in a while I have lunch with one or more of the "little people" - those who made me what I am today. Ok, it's not that funny, is it. Well, one really cool thing we tried (well, when I say we, I mean they, because I don't really get much of a choice of what to eat, do I?) to order three dishes as hot as they could possibly make them. You know how it goes: "are you sure?" "Yes, we're sure." "So, do you want it extra hot, or just hot. Super spicy, or super incredible death spicy?" And so it goes; I'm not sure why there always has to be so much haggling involved. Well, you should see what came back for the Dry-Sauteed String Beans. I mean you could not even see the string beans there were so many hot peppers. Too bad my camera's broke, huh? Well there was also Kung Pao Shrimp and the House Bean Curd. These were hot too, but not inedible. In fact, they were probably perfect.

Oh wait a minute, I'm supposed to be reviewing this sliced beef stuff, huh? Eh, it's ok. This one tastes just like a lunch plate.

Next fan lunch? Next Thursday with a Bee. No, not Lee Lee the Musical, although if you want to come you're invited. If anyone else wants to come to a fan lunch, just ask.
Rating: 6
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