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Item # 75:
Fried Rice (with Choice of Chicken, Pork, or Beef)
Price: $6.55
Date completed:  Friday July 11th, 2003
I believe it goes without saying that I chose the pork version of this bad boy, but I just did say it, so those who are fond of an 'economy of words' are plum out of luck this time. It really is kind of a shame that the menu ends with all of these fried rice dishes like this, because they just aren't all that exciting. Yes, this is pretty good because it has chunks of pork in it, but, I mean, you know? Needs a little excitement. I have to say, I am really glad I decided to tack on the appetizers at the end including that Diana's Meat Pie, because that thing rocks my planet! So, um, let's see, uh, how bout them Giants? Hey, are you going to Burning Man this year? Oh yeah? What am I saying, this isn't a conversation, it's a food review. Sorry, forgot. Well, see you next time, and remember: he who hesitates is lost.
Rating: 7
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