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Item # 77:
Combination Fried Rice
Price: $8.00
Date completed:  Monday August 18th, 2003
Here we are, after about a year. See, I actually couldn't even pinpoint the date that I started this. At first, it wasn't a website, it was just a dumb idea (and it still is, depending on whom you ask) to eat every item on the menu, in order. Then after around item ten or so I though it would be a good idea to post it all up on the website. And the rest is, as they say, water under the mantelpiece, or something like that. So the big finale, with Diana's Meat Pie et al, will be on the week of September 1 at around 1pm at Henry's. (See, some of us will be at Burning Man). We'll have a bunch of people there eating all kinds of wonderful Henry's dishes "family style". Some of your favorite characters will be there, and others (like Jer) won't.

Oh crap I guess I should review the dish, huh? Hmm, today the rice was almost basmati-like, and I guess that means a little undercooked for my taste, but it did have all kinds of great meat in it. Couple of double-helix shrimp and stuff. Dave got the braised rock cod and John got Kung Pao Tofu. A good time was had by all.....
Rating: 7
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posted on Tuesday August 19th, 2003 at 05:31:41 PM by Bee Mindful
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