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Item # 78:
Diana's Meat Pie, Onion Cake, and Dumplings
Price: $12.50
Date completed:  Tuesday September 9th, 2003
Well here it is, I did it. I never thought this day would come, and I tell you what, I have never felt such a great feeling of relief. Finally, I can go to Henry's and order anything I want!!
Diana's Meat Pie? Perfect. This is the same stuff they put in the Noodles With Pork Meat Sauce dishes and the Bean Curd with Meat Sauce. It's also probably the greasiest item on the menu - you're not doing your health any favors if you eat this everyday. But for special occasions, say, getting to the last item on a 78-item menu, it's just right. Onion Cake - tasty but too insubstantial for anything more than twelve words. For the dumplings - it's all about texture. They're wet and slippery on the outside and mmmmeaty on the inside. You almost always want to add some kind of condiment to these guys but watch out because three or four will slip down your throat before you know it and then where would you be? Full belly without having fully enjoyed it. Something to watch out for.
So many people are asking, "What's next?". The answer to that is easy: It's a secret, but you'll all find out soon enough. It's associated with San Francisco and a long list of things to complete. This next project will almost certainly take years. But it's bigger and better than this silly little thing.
Finally, I'd like to thank all of you that have been watching this site for all this time and sending me your words of encouragement. That's what made this all worth it. You all rule!
Rating: 9
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All meals at Henry's that are shared between at least 2 people should start with Meat Pie. They will make a half meat pie if you ask nicely. Forget it, if you want to take one home. They get soggy and greasy if they sit. If you work near the restaurant and run from the restaurant to your office, you'll be ok. For the most part, this is an "Eat It at Henry's" only dish.
posted on Friday October 10th, 2003 at 06:55:55 PM by Josh Peckler
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