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Item # 8:
Mo Si Pork (4 Pancakes)
Price: $7.75
Of course, everyone, even the waitstaff here, call this "Mu Shu Pork" Another seemingly routine dish done with care and attention to detail. The pancakes are gossamer thin, but strong enough to hold a big fat burrito you have to eat with a fork. And the vegetables and pork are not too oily. More Hoisin! Note: that's Greg's Mo Si Pork in the photo, not mine. Hope that's OK.
Rating: 9
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I had a vegetarian version of this with Lewdog and Sal in Dinkytown in Minneapolis. It was very good. I bet Henry's really does it well. Also, Greg is sure holding that spoon strangely. Anyone know why?
posted on Wednesday February 19th, 2003 at 09:41:41 PM by John

He's making a point. About spoons.
posted on Wednesday February 19th, 2003 at 11:20:27 PM by Moss Gross
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